Church Maintenance Ministry 

This ministry provides an opportunity to anyone desiring to assist in ensuring that the exterior, and interior of A Breath of Praise Community Church is always clean, and sanitized.


Deacons Ministry

Events Ministry 

Assist the Ministry Teams with the planning, organizing, facilitation, execution and support of all special events, fellowships, and social media advertising associated with A Breath of Praise Community Church.

Family Care Ministry

Men of Integrity

This ministry provides fellowship, training and development of Christian men (members and non-members).


Prison Ministry

Discipleship Training

This ministry provides a learning environment where one can obtain a better knowledge of God, experience His love, and develop a lifelong relationship with Him.


Women’s Ministry

This ministry provides fellowship, training and development of Christian women (members and non-members).


Worship Arts Ministry

Kingdom Kids (Children Ages 3 to 12)

This area of Youth Ministry is tailored to youth ages 3 to 12 by providing study of God’s word creatively to ensure students understand the lesson by applying the principles taught to their daily lives.


180 Youth Group (Youth Ages 13 to 17)

‘This is the way of repentance. Turning 180 degrees away from sin and towards Jesus Christ’. This area of Youth Ministry is tailored to youth ages 13 to 17 by providing a spiritual and practical environment for biblical discussion topics, Christian-based music, and teaching of God’s Word facilitated by youth leaders in charge of prayer, scripture, and overall worship experience.

Christ Connection

This ministry is focused on young adults between the ages of 21 to 40, with the primary focus of providing a Christ-centered approach and biblical worldview to maturing adults.